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 Unseemly Toy.

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PostSubject: Unseemly Toy.   Sat Oct 01, 2011 10:08 pm

My name is Kar, my real name- is Karlynn'Datymr Tallyn. I am the lost daughter of the fallen Roslya, Queen of the fall faeries. Ancient enemy of the Queen of the Unseeile Court, the Winter faeries, Lycorisia. To them, I am an abomination hidden in the human world at birth, everything has always seemed strange for me. I'm not like everyone else, until one day, I'm brought, or smuggled into the faery world. My presence is supposed to be a secret, but we all know secrets within fae is quite scarce, so only days after I arrive, I've got people after my head. To add to all this, I'm in love with my enemy, the youngest brother of the Winter Fae, Riley'darkmyr Secila, who is cold, sadistic, threatening and indifferent. Who was sent by his Queen, his own mother Lycorisia, to trick me and then drag me back to the Unseeile realm whether I like it, or not. It doesn't get any better, does it?

It all started with a goblin, who had been watching me contently for almost three years, he kidnapped me, and smuggled me back into the faery world. No explanation, just two pointy ears at the side of my head telling me silently I wasn't what I thought I was, I was a faery. When I got to the Fall realm, I instantly felt at home, before I was locked up in a cold cell. I found out I had powers, extremely dangerous and manipulative ones. But none of that matters, the only thing is important is him, Riley, the Prince of the Unseeile Winter Fae, the day I was taken into the cell, he came and let me out, claiming to be an exile Winter Fae living in the Fall Realm. Little did I know, that after only one week of his presence, of him manipulating my feelings, exploring my body that very night and targeting my soul he would eagerly lead me to my death at the word of his mother.

Here I was, in a cold cell in the bottom of a house. I didn't know where I was, or even who I was. All the goblin had said to me was that I was a faery, a Fall faery. My Mother and Father weren't my real parents and my real parents had died long ago. I had been hidden away in the human world for safety. My thoughts buzzed around my head too quickly as I slouched in the bed I sat on. The cell was actually quite cozy. But I kept noticing a glimmer of sparkles everywhere. I sat quiet as I waited for something, somebody.
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Unseemly Toy.
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