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 Life is Full of Drama! (NEW! open to all join Please!)

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PostSubject: Life is Full of Drama! (NEW! open to all join Please!)   Sat Mar 30, 2013 12:17 am

**No Specific Plot**

This is a story about the lives of teenagers the plot can go anywhere the teenagers lives can be anything..simple easy and fun..

~Two characters per a person ((if you want one is acceptable but if you choose two one must be female the other male))

Character Sheet::


Name:Melissa May Rivers
Bio:Mel is a sweet and shy girl. She has a twin brother whom is very protective of her for reasons unknown. She is very talented she loves to draw and he life revolves around music other than her brother. There is two things different between her and her brother she has brown eyes he has blue and he is taller. Rest through RP
Appearance::Long Black hair, 5'4 brown eyes, pale, skinny but fit,

Name:Mike Connor Rivers
Bio:Mike is a rather loud outgoing guy, he has a twin sister he cares for and is really protective over for unknown reasons. the rest of him no one knows. rest through RP
Personality:Caring/outgoing/protective/short temper/
Appearance: Shaggy longish black hair, 5'7,blue eyes, palish, and well built
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Life is Full of Drama! (NEW! open to all join Please!)
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