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 Abenaki Mental Hospital: For the Rich and Famous(Open)

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PostSubject: Abenaki Mental Hospital: For the Rich and Famous(Open)   Wed Jul 24, 2013 8:31 pm

People would find it insane if they found out falling in love was possible at a Insane Asylum. But it happens. So let us follow the stories of the people at Abenaki Mental Hospital. Its practically a resort for the rich and famous that have gone a bit insane or that have drug/drinking problems.
Char sheet:
Name:Faith (A.K.A Fay) Elliot
Diagnosis: Had a history of Alcohol abuse to deal with off again on again depression.
Bio: She grew up in a lavish mansion. She took many dance classes. She had dreams of being a famous dancer on Broadway. Or be in movies and etc.  As soon as she turned 18 her parents shipped her off to a prep school before her first year of college started.  But her parents found her drunk and slipping back into her depression when they visited on 4th of July weekend. For the first time they did something good for their daughter. They put her in a place where she could get help. Even though they never visited after. She's been at the asylum for a year. She got put in the day she turned 19. Now she's just waiting for the day she can rejoin the real world. But so far has not been able to.
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Abenaki Mental Hospital: For the Rich and Famous(Open)
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