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 The Coven of Witches

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PostSubject: The Coven of Witches   The Coven of Witches EmptyTue Sep 03, 2013 6:14 pm

Since 1692 6 witch families have been connected. Generation after generation these families heirs (Children) have always formed a coven of 6. 3 boys. 3 girls. Every few generations 1 boy and 1 girl whose families haven't breed together fall in love. While the other four fall in love with someone outside of the coven. Once the 6 know who each other are they find the spell that binds the coven together. Helping each other to manage the power of the coven. So no one human or witch gets hurt.

But as always there is darkness. A evil enemy the coven has to defeat. Some generations didn't have to fight it. But once every two or three generations have to fight it. Because one of the coven members will end up fighting this darkness inside them. There is a secret that each generations have to figure out on their own. The secret that makes the darkness go away. Forever within the person that it, the darkness, choses to fester in. Because everything has a weakness. It just has to be discovered.

The Families:
The Blackwoods

Characters needed:
7 Characters
4 girls
3 boys

Also you can between the ages of 17-19 years old and that everyone should only make ONE character each. No ONE should have to double. Its not fair to others.

Char sheet:
Family name:
Name: Willow Lilac Blackwood
Family name: The Blackwood Family
Bio: The Blackwood have always been a strong family. Willow is an only child. Her parents only wanted one child because they were afraid of what could happen with two witch children. Willow has a strong spark. Always making small things happen. Like floating objects that she was unaware of but her parents saw. And would make the object stop what it was doing. Then when she was 13 her mother and father told her everything. That she was a witch and etc. And that her 5 closest friends were her coven. That someday they would band together and keep the art of magic alive. That she could also expect someday that her children would also be witches. For awhile she didn't believe. But then a event that cause a random fire in her science class made her believe. She's now 18 and her 5 best friends also all know that they are witches. That they need to band together as a coven and keep their collective powers in check. But it also turns out that her parents have a secret.
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The Coven of Witches
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