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Do not forget that this is a free forum! The Admins all wish you a happy time and contact anyone with a RED name for any questions/concerns you have. Also don't forget to go nominate someone for Role Player of the Month! Above all else have fun! We now have a facebook page! Contact Asch or Chercher to find out how to join!
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 What if... (Open)

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PostSubject: What if... (Open)   What if... (Open) EmptyWed May 15, 2013 8:56 pm

What if... you saw something but never told anyone?

When Ellie Carter was 17 years old she witnessed the murder of her best friend, Lillian Baxter. The story behind it? Ellie wasn't suppose to be at Lillian's so when footsteps where heard she hid under the bed,keeping quiet the murderer missed Ellie.

Now being 23 years old,Ellie wants nothing more but to forget the haunting dreams of that night and move on. But when news of Ellie's new neighbor's 17 year old daughter being brutally murdered she can't shake the feeling that it may be the same guy who took Lillian's life.

Wanting to stop him before he takes another girl's life Ellie meets Boston's top FBI Agent,(name here.) He senses something is up with Ellie for when he brushes her off the first time he finds that the woman is persistent about helping him out... so what is it? A woman who has a past with killers or just some bored young University girl who wants in on the action early?

Name: Ellie Carter
Bio: Up there kinda ^
Looks:Long curly brown hair,bright hazel eyes,tan skin.5'9.
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What if... (Open)
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